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Amy Bastian : amy.bastian@washk12.org

Amy Bastian | amy.bastian@washk12.org

My Email:

Online Scheduler: abastian.youcanbook.me

Heather Campbell : Fourth Grade

Heather Campbell | Fourth Grade

My Email: heather.campbell@washk12.org

Online Scheduler: hcampbell.youcanbook.me

Jessica Hunt : Fourth Grade

Jessica Hunt | Fourth Grade

My Email: jessica.hunt@washk12.org

Online Scheduler: jhunt.youcanbook.me

Christy Jolley : Fourth Grade

Christy Jolley | Fourth Grade

My Email: christy.jolley@washk12.org

Online Scheduler: cjolley.youcanbook.me

Jennifer Lemmon : Fourth Grade

Jennifer Lemmon | Fourth Grade

My Email: jennifer.lemmon@washk12.org

Online Scheduler: jlemmon.youcanbook.me

Mission Statement: “Learning from the past, preparing for the future, succeeding in the present”